I'm Getting By
I Gotta Tell Ya
Wasted Tears
Yo Mama  CD  Memories  Remix  by After Alice  - Aiken, United States
Let It Go By Lawrence Cooley   New York United States by Lawrence Cooley  - New York, United States
Never Know Why by Lawrence Cooley  , New York
All The Way Back Home
99 Gold  New Single ( Stuart Epps Production )
Summer Breeze By Jody Los Santos by Jody Los Santos  - Kiritat Oregon, United States
Nobody Like You  Kharis Simeon by Kharis Simeon  , Nigeria
Gucci Mane - First Day Out Tha Feds (Freestyle) By. BeeLo Loco (Audio) Remix
Die Tryin'
Mortimer Nova (2009) - Terrible The Fish Has Drowned - 06 The Plantation
Bridges Burn
Mortimer Nova - Beware Of The Leopard
Hes You Hes Me By Unfinished Wood by Unfinished Wood  - Columbus, Ohio, United States
Why War By Moscato ,     - Mackay, Australia
Hungry Ears  by Ivar Sigurbergsson
Zoo Days - Templeton